COE (Center of Excellence)

LFC IAA Bay Area has a very unique program as part of its Academy: The COE (Center of Excellence). A European Model and program that brings together the best players from each age group to work together to have extra high level trainings. This is a non paying program with the coaches, directors of coaching and technical directors picking the players to attend this. It can always change as players developments go up and down over time. LFC IAA Bay Area has also tied this model to our goalkeeper training with Coach Doug (former college division 1 goalkeeper) creating a Goalkeeper COE, allowing all goalkeepers to come together and get advanced training, placed at a skill level and not age

COE: Emerson (Bios), former Brazilian International with over 30 years of professional playing and coaching experience is the lead coach for the LFC IAA Bay Area Center of Excellence. 

Goalkeeper COE: Coach Doug runs our GK COE and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience with him, and our kids will be lucky to have such an enthusiastic, specific, former goalkeeper coach working with them. For players who aspire to be a goalkeeper and also players who are wanting to try a different position, this program is an excellent chance to master or learn all the required skills. Goalkeeping is known as one of the most technically difficult positions' on the soccer field, so we feel it is vital for our goalkeepers to have that extra attention to help them learn the correct techniques. Coach Doug Highton, an ex-San Jose State goalkeeper, whose career was sadly cut short due to injury, will be working with our goalkeepers.With Coach Doug, they will work through the fundamental skills of the position: agility and footwork, positioning, shot stopping, catching, diving, and distribution (both throwing and kicking). As part of the key skills players will hopefully come to understand the tactical side to being a GK and learn to command the box! Sessions will include the use of balls, cones, flags, pop up goals and regulation size goals.

*Note* - This is open to both Academy (Included in fees) and Pre-Academy (cost and sign up here)

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