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Academy Age Groups & Competitive Teams: U8 - U18

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What Can I Expect from the LFC IAA Bay Area Program? At LFC IAA Bay Area we pride ourselves on the latest modern methods of coaching, youth development and science to back it up. We also bring together tried and tested models and deliver a weekly evaluated program that our Coaches are required to execute. Please see a small set of examples of this: Click on them to view in PDF

LFC IAA Bay Area Academy Ages and Club teams: U7 - U18 (Under 7 - Under 11): Boys and Girls Teams

What is an Academy Age Group ? An Academy age group is where a select group of players practice together and then every week certain players are selected to play in the age group above, receive additional training, be promoted to attend our Center of Excellence and also have the choice to practice up to 11 months of the year. No player is on a set team, but can move up and down based on their development from week to week

What is a club team? A club team in Northern California can be a varied; from playing locally with equal playing time to traveling to other states and being very competitive. Teams can also have parents as coaches, professional coaches, play single seasons in a calendar year and go 12 months of the year.

What is a LFC IAA Bay Area Academy Age Group or Club Team ? At LFC IAA Bay Area we believe that there must be a plan, a structure, objective and opportunities. This means that we have a development model for players on teams and what they need to be given opportunities. Having a professional coach that is supported, educated and accountable acting as a teacher in soccer and respect. Our belief is that if you want to enjoy something then having the skills to perform are part of that and so training through out the year, playing in both seasons, doing tournaments, attending clinics and watching professional soccer are all part of the development model.

LFC IAA Bay Area: U7 - U18 Programs Key Facts

Training Schedule: Academy is 3 times a week for practice and Competitive teams are 2 times a week.

Game Schedule: Teams will play on average 1 game per weekend for league play

Play Date/Tournament Schedule: Teams will play on average 6 play dates/tournaments per calendar year

Travel Commitments: Our younger teams will only travel up to a 30 minute distance for league games and then further once teams get older and achieve more success

Clinic Programs: Programs that include: Goal keeping, SAQ, Speed Training, Futsal, Camps and more

Financial Commitments: In order to have a highly qualified support staff and professional coaches there will always be a cost, but LFC IAA Bay Area tries to make this affordable to every family. Costs will include Coach Training Fee per month, Club Registration Fee per season, Tournament fee per player, purchasing a uniform and equipment. All players have the opportunity to apply for scholarships or exchange fees for helping the club in areas of need

LFC IAA Bay Area Player Registration Form and required Documents

  • US Club Registration Form: Fill out and email to your team manager or
  • Please also email in a copy of the players birth certificate and a head shot of the player (not hats and plain background). If you are unable to email then please mail to your team manager or LFC IAA Bay Area Office. LFC IAA Bay Area, Suite 142, 300 Orchard City Drive, Campbell, CA, 95008