Liverpool FC: We are delighted to announce that LFC IAA Bay Area has entered into an agreement with Liverpool Football Club from the UK to become their official Northern California partner in the United States.


Liverpool is a highly decorated club from England founded in 1892, have won more European trophies than any other English team with five European Cups, three UEFA Cups and three UEFA Super Cups. They have also won 18 League titles, seven FA Cups, a record eight League Cups, and 15 FA Community Shields. Liverpool was the ninth highest-earning football club in the world for 2013–14, with an annual revenue of €306 million,and the world's 8th most valuable football club in 2015, valued at $982 million.


LFC IAA Bay Area is delighted to benefit from the following for being an official Liverpool FC America club:

  • LFC Website:
  • Access to the LFC curriculum or development of players and teams
  • LFC International Academy trainings and visits from LFC Soccer Schools year round
  • Coaches education from Liverpool FC and a week long training at the Liverpool Melwood Academy in the UK each Spring for our coaches
  • Players will wear the replica LFC home kit as their uniform for all games, have a LFC replica practice uniform, LFC back pack, LFC warm up and more
  • Coaches will be wearing full replica LFC uniform for all trainings and games
  • LFC Camp each summer with staff from the LFC Academy in the UK and partner clubs in America. Scheduled for the same week as the PSA Club Camp was
  • Player opportunities to visit the LFC Melwood Academy in the UK to be assessed and reviewed for identification for LFC Academy Program in the UK
  • Special fundraising opportunities with LFC memorabilia
  • LFC Membership for every player
  • LFC game day priority tickets purchase for BPL games in the UK and visits to the USA.
  • Club get togethers to watch LFC games at the JCC Auditorium


We hope you are as excited as we are for the development opportunities we have being an LFC club in Northern California. With this partnership we will be officially called LFC Bay Area, wear the club colors (replica kit for games and practice), be given guidance by the club from the UK, use of all marketing and promotions plus create a fan base of our own here supporting the LFC first team


Our agreement is official as of today, with full affects of the partnership coming for the Spring season 2016 and conversion to the replica kit in Fall 2016. We are extremely delighted with this partnership and feel that the hard work from the staff has been noticed by a large organization who wishes to make us their Northern California partner for youth soccer in America.


Look out for more information as it comes and a club wide meeting in the near future


Kind regards

LFC IAA Bay Area (Liverpool FC: Bay Area)





At LFC IAA Bay Area we are always looking to develop partnerships that benefit our members and the community that we are based in:

San Jose Earthquakes Academy: We are especially proud of our partnership with the San Jose Earthquakes Academy as a tier 1 youth program in the bay area. The details or our program are that players come to LFC IAA Bay Area from all parts of the community and they want to be developed through our detailed model, curriculum and licensed staff in order to be pre-pared for the next level. Our teams play across bronze, silver, gold and premier and we want to take individuals and give them the skill to be selected for the San Jose Earthquakes Academy at every age of competitive soccer


PSTI South (Performance Science Training Institute): LFC IAA Bay Area have just announced their most recent partnership with PSTI South. This program was started by former Stanford University athlete C.J. Easter to help athletes who want an efficient and focused training program to prevent injuries and develop explosive speed, quickness, and power. The program is ran by Coach John Mack, President of PSTI South.  Here is a special note from John himself: "For the first 10 PSA 

athletes to respond, we are offering '1 free trial Complete Athlete Development session + 1 free movement and corrective exercise consultation' to target specific weaknesses in their movement and turn them into strengths.  To receive access to this free trial session, just email me at using the subject "PSA trial CAD session" and include the name and age of your athlete. I am excited to help your athletes reach their goals.""



Campbellsmile: Our community partner, Campbellsmile is known for "providing quality dental care to Campbell, San Jose, Santa Clara County, and the South Bay area and all surrounding California areas." Check out their website - 



Christian Athletic Association (CAA): LFC IAA Bay Area latest partnership brings the club together with the Christian Athletic Association (CAA). The CAA was established in 1979 as a baseball, basketball and soccer association until the late 1990’s when they decided to focus their attention solely to soccer in the area. The CAA is based out of San Jose and provides kids of all ages and abilities, the opportunity to play soccer. Before the past season, the CAA has been solely a recreational level soccer program, offering a wide range of camps, teams and clinics for around 800 kids a year who would like to try soccer. Over the past year, they have added four competitive teams who will be placed under the  LFC IAA Bay Area’ umbrella: U16, U14, U11 & U9 – all who are wanting to play at the NorCal level so starting. As the CAA would like to be a part of US Club Soccer, and NorCal, they have decided to partner up with LFC IAA Bay Area to provide their soccer players with the best opportunities available.  The partnership has been spearheaded by President of LFC IAA Bay Area, Alex Saunders and President and Technical Director of CAA, Bill Jenkins. Bill Jenkins has a huge influence in the community as the pastor for Urban Life in San Jose, as well his role with the soccer association. He moved over to the States some 20 years ago from England as part of a ministry when he got offered a job at a church. He has been around the whole Bay Area of California as part of churches and soccer organizations over his period in the US while being at his position with CAA for a year now and has his eyes set on a hugely successful partnership with LFC IAA Bay Area. Bill Jenkins brings a wealth of knowledge in soccer to LFC IAA Bay Area. Bill played professionally in England at Leyton Orient F.C, and in South Africa, along with years of semi-professional soccer in England. After finishing his career he got into coaching and was youth team manager at Gillingham Town. After travelling around England, he then settled into a scouting role with Middleborough FC when the famous, Colin Todd was in charge, trying to find the top talent from the London area. After moving to the states, he has worked in youth soccer and was varsity head coach at Valley Christian High School and was on the coaching staff of NASL’s sounders in the 70’s.

A message from Bill:

“LFC IAA Bay Area has opened a lot of avenues that we haven’t been able to explore prior to the partnership so we are very excited about the relationship that we are going to have. Likewise, CAA will help LFC IAA Bay Area in all sorts of areas such as gaining more access to fields in and around the area, and a wider range of coaches and support. The kids are our main focus and trying to help them will be our ultimate goal from this partnership and we can’t wait to see what the future holds”



Off the Wall Soccer (OTWS): The LFC IAA Bay Area recognizes the importance of cross training in the development of its athletes.  Sporting facilities such as 'Off the Wall Soccer'
 provide a great opportunity for athletes to not only play arena soccer, but, also to participate in other sports which help develop the soccer player as well.  The LFC IAA Bay Area are pleased to be affiliated with Off the Wall Soccer and look forward to hosting play days and other events exclusive to the “LFC IAA Bay Area Family” at Off the Wall Soccer in Santa Clara.




Soccer Scouts USA: LFC IAA Bay Area is pleased to be in partnership with Soccer Scouts USA for providing a player assessment and feedback program.  For the past year the LFC IAA Bay Area has been utilizing the system provided by Soccer Scouts USA.  We forward to adding upcoming training and match analysis systems for assessing players by utilizing smart phone technology.  Meaningful feedback to athletes is another platform the LFC IAA Bay Area uses to distinguish itself as a leader in player development.





Sklz is a sport equipment company that provides sports training equipment for athletes of all ages & skills. Sklz has the most modern form of training our soccer athletes in terms of equipment, and support. Sklz offers an extra edge to our athletes and with the partnership LFC IAA Bay Area has created, we are offering our soccer players 15% off ALL equipment that Sklz provides, to give an advantage in training and in games. Check out their site today